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A 7-10 day intravaginal progesterone treatment for mares

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Active Constituents:

Each device contains 1.72g Progesterone



Cue-Mare is a 7-10 day intravaginal progesterone treatment for the induction of oestrous in spring transitional mares.

Cue-Mare is convenient, cost effective and specifically designed for equine comfort. A single administration of Cue-Mare provides the necessary 7-10 day consistent supply of progesterone, and eliminates the need for daily oral supplementation or repeat progesterone injections.

Nil withholding period – remove device prior to slaughter.


Directions for Use:

Cue-Mare consists of a “wishbone” body, two treatment pods and a tail. A re-usable applicator is required for inserting the device. A sterile lubricant is required for inserting the device. Materials to hygienically prepare the perineum of the mare should also be on hand.

Insertion procedure:

Wear disposable gloves while handling the Cue-Mare treatment pods, load the device into the applicator. Apply sterile lubricant to the tip of the applicator. Wrap base of the mare’s tail with clean bandage. Wash the vulva with mild soap and water, then dry with a clean paper towel. Place the applicator through the vulva in a slight upward direction and then insert further into the vagina well past the vestibule-vaginal constriction. At this point the device is released from the applicator by depressing the plunger and then withdrawing the applicator smoothly ensuring the device tail travels easily through the applicator. The device should rest well forward in the vagina in a horizontal position without the wishbone protruding past the vulva lips. Remove any soiling from the applicator. Rinse applicator in disinfectant between mares.

Removal Procedure

Hold Cue-Mare tail firmly and apply even pressure to withdraw the device. As the pods emerge through the vulva depress the wishbone arms and ease the pods out to avoid flicking of mucus. A vaginal examination is required if the device proves to be difficult to remove.



The device is used in conjunction with Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) and/or prostaglandin to deliver progesterone to achieve therapeutic effect for inducing clinical ovarian activity in spring transitional mares, and controlling the oestrous cycle in cycling mares



Do not use in animals in poor condition, poor health or with abnormal vaginas. Do not insert into small maiden mares when application discomfort is evident. Do not use in mares known to be susceptible to endometritis.



1 Device per pack.

Applicator is available.



(Human): Progesterone may possibly cause cancer and affect development and/or reproduction. Handle with care.



Keep devices, especially after use, away from dogs.

After a single use, dispose of product and packaging in an approved landfill, or if not available, bury the product and container below 500cm in a suitable disposal/offal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose, clear waterways and/or tree roots.

Keep dogs away from the disposal site.



Store below 30˚C (room temperature) and in a safe place out of reach of children, pets, and other animals.

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