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  1. Tobrex

    Available as a Drop or Ointment


  2. Poly-Tears

    Lubrication drops


  3. Maxidex

    Available in drops and ointment


  4. Maxitrol

    Available as drops and ointment


  5. Diurin

    Available in 1000 tablet containers


  6. Dexamethasone

    Available in 100 tablet packs


  7. Trisul

    Available in 500 pack


  8. Electromicyn

    Changes the paradigm

    Electromicyn® replicates one of the body’s own defence mechanisms against pathogens: Foreign substances are not eliminated chemically, but are destroyed by a purely natural, physical process. The decisive factor is Electromicyn®’s Super Oxidised Solution Technology.


  9. Provive

    Short acting, general anaesthetic agent suitable for general anaesthetic use as a single injection for procedures up to 5 minutes.


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9 Item(s)